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Finally I am drawing again.

3d applications can really lead you of the path sometimes. It has been seriously too long since I created some handdrawn work. It is nice too find out I can still draw. I need to practice way more but it is a start. This one is made using sketchable on the surface pro. I also tried sketchbook from autodesk and both have their advantages so I think I am gonna use both. 

This is just fineliner and marker on real paper. Still needs “real life” practice but it sparked some old skills in me again. I hope you like those two. Expect way more to come.


Progress. Top of the dome done and the cones on the sides as well as the sides of the ship.



For a personal project I need a model of the Duomo in Firenze. I could not find a proper one online so I was figuring out a way to recreate it myself. I remembered that as a child I had a paper model kit. It proves to be a very nice starting point.


High Heel Sandals

I’ve been working on some conforming high heel sandals for use in Daz3d. Currently in the process of getting them in the store.

Lego Digital Designer

Droid_ConceptUsing lego for concepting before starting in 3D. I think it works quite well.

If you need a normalmap fast

stumbled upon this very nice site.


Skinning test and marmoset toolbag test.Image