Hair base mesh


So I’ve created the base for the hair on top of the zbrush build up. It proved to be a nice guide to get an idea how to build it up. It still looks like she is wearing bananas but I am sure if I add one more layer of detail it will look good.

Another thing that changed are the teeth. At first I wanted to keep the simple version but with the current texture I felt like she needed some proper teeth. I am really happy with how the eyes turned out.

Next up finishing up the hair and start with her outfit.

10 digits

Body_WIP_02Done with the base for the hands. I also tweaked some parts of the mesh in her face and moved the shoulders down a bit and made her neck a little longer. Next up the legs and then on to detailing before creating the UV’s for the texture process.

More progress


I had some time to work on the body. It’s still all poly-modeling and trying to keep a focus on the lines and edge loops. There are still bits I need to clean up but overal it is pretty clean already. Still no expressions and a basic T-pose (more like a M-pose, but I just find it works better when deforming it with joints). Shading still basic to just get an idea. The ear is also finished and I think is is detailed enough.

From 2D to 3D

Head_WIPSo I’ve started to create the 3d version of the character in C4D of the previous drawing I’ve posted. It is really hard to convert the flat version into a volume and keep it nice from all angles. Overal the shapes and lines are in there. So lesson learned is “Draw first and build later!” drawing really helps to determine the lines so you are able to preserve the important features and characteristics.


The Polyflow feels nice for now. The ear could use a little attention but I am not sure in what level of detail I want them to end up in.

The shading and lighting is very basic but I’ve put it in there to get a rough idea. Here is a clay render.


The expression is dull because I want to rig it later for animation and posing. Her head also feels a lot longer in the drawing but for now I will go on with this model like it is.