Fairlady doing donuts

This is a quick test render of a Datsun Fairlady doing donuts. I am going to use this car in an animated short. At the moment I created the smoke in after effects but I think I need to do it in 3d due to the circling of the car, it’s hard to composite correct in front and behind the car. Another thing is the missing motionblur which needs to be done in Cinema4d as well due to the fact that if I want to use DoF the depth layer doesn’t contain the blur in that pass.

No gi, anti aliasing, motion blur and driver yet 😉

Yes another car…

What is with 3d graphics and cars? That is probably the question that you would ask. To be honest I think that people who do 3d graphics and animation are still a kid inside and 3d is the big sandbox where you can let your imagination run wild. This is exactly what I am trying to do and I play with everything that is cool in my opinion. This car is cool and is going to be in a short animation which I am cooking up. This is where it brakes with the usual 3d car renders because this one is gonna do what it is made for next to being cool off course… Ow and it’s a Datsun Fairlady a very well Japanese rip off from Ferrari.

DoF/Flare test

A quick test render to play with the focus and to see how the image reacts to light. As you might notice the depth of field doesn’t react correct through transparent materials like glass. This happens because the depth map doesn’t take transparency in account. I can see loads of post coming… 😦