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Progress. Top of the dome done and the cones on the sides as well as the sides of the ship.



For a personal project I need a model of the Duomo in Firenze. I could not find a proper one online so I was figuring out a way to recreate it myself. I remembered that as a child I had a paper model kit. It proves to be a very nice starting point.


High Heel Sandals

I’ve been working on some conforming high heel sandals for use in Daz3d. Currently in the process of getting them in the store.

Base Model

Female_0002I’ve been working on a base female model which I intend to sell. I’ve always missed good human assets in c4d, so I decided to make one myself. It’s sill work in progress but here is a sneak preview. There will be a rigged version as well which I want to be compatible with unity3d as well. The mesh is optimized for real time rendering. I also planned a male model but I don’t want to use the same base mesh for that mainly because in my experience the shapes don’t work.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.42.51 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 4.24.16 PM


Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 5.28.49 PM




Fat Cat Doodle

Fat Cat Doodle from Mayonnaise on Vimeo.

Playing around with Dynamesh in Zbrush. The whole model so far was done in 2 hours. It’s such a relief to be working with these techniques and I wonder if I will ever do character modeling or creature modeling in c4d ever again.

Basic Woman Facerig

Here is a quick screen capture of the face controls.

Stop Staring

Ok maybe a funny face…. But I’ve put in all the morphs for a nice setup. I threw in a basic rig to do some quick posing and rigged the face with Fabian’s stop staring setup. I had to do some Xpresso editing to get it working with Cactus Dan’s Toolkit but it was fairly easy. If you want to use this setup yourself don’t forget to get a copy of Jason Osipa’s “Stop Staring” it will really save you! There is still a load of tweaking to do. But this thing is on the road and I have found a real nice concept to actually use this model and it is definitely not what you would expect. At this time I can actually use the setup to train some acting and lip-sync animation.