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Low poly head started in c4d, detailed and textured in Zbrush, rendered in C4D again.



The Ottoman’s wife, indoor outfit


Still a symmetry but it’s getting there. The hair is going to be added later.

Ottoman’s wife pants




The Ottoman’s wife wears the pants at home. So I am back at polymodeling and spinning polys. It’s a more subtle pants though but still a lot of work.

Meet Albert

This guy is from way back but he deserves some attention as well. He is the lead character in a short about a neurotic guy who has to go to the toilet and he has some adventures along the way.

Pants Line Test

Only rendered the lines to see how they behave.

Updated Pants

Rendered with toon lines and not symmetrical anymore. The follow through is animated with the help of a jiggle deformer with a vertex map.

More Zig in Zag


More refinement to the folds.