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Motion Capture Test

Motion Capture Test
It’s been a while but I’ve been very busy. There are some really nice projects on the horizon but I will tell you about that later.

motekentertainment was kind enough to provide me with some motion capture samples. I needed to see how it would fit in a pipeline with cinema4d and the rigs I use. It is all connected through constraints which allows me to also keep control over the IK setup so it is very flexible. The mocap is pretty simple but I am confident it works like a charm if the motion is more complex.

More still renders

Some more renders I have made click to see full size.

Ok get your red/cyan glasses out

Just a still from the driving sequence but this time I’ve played around with anaglyph stereo. So I hope you have some glasses laying about.

Driving around the block

Got a bit tired of walk cycles so I’ve put her in a car. In this sequence I really had room to see what I could do with the this cartoon shading technique. I was particularly curious how it would work the depth of field. So I rendered a depth pass and used that for the out of focus and also to control whether there would be lines or not. It all works very nice and it gives great contrast in the look. I am not quite happy with the smile and her lighting in the last shot though so I will change that sooner or later.

Quick lip-sync test

Just a quick lip-sync to test the facial rig. It proves to be a very solid setup and it’s pretty easy to animate. This one took me about 4 hours to make. I know it’s not spot on but I wanted to share some progress. Now I have to figure out a way to do the hair.

Miss Anaconda Pose TurnTable

Another turntable test with a bit more animation. This was to test the rig and I always like to paint weights on an animated character so I can easily spot weird deformations in the mesh. Still missing some final touches but she is nearly done so I can develop the rest of the assets. I know I can be a bit tedious on details but I like it to be the best I can achieve.

The same animation but with the finished face setup. The rigging is finally finished, I’ll probably run in to things when I start animating specific scenes but the base is rock-solid. I will add another video with more focus on the facial rig.

Miss Anaconda WalkCycle

Finally got the rig done and created a walkcycle. I must say that good ol’ keyframing works a lot better then automated walk generators or I just suck at using them. I did use the CS_WalkCycle for the base. This is handy to check the rig as well but overal it’s keyframe animation. In the close up you really see the character of the little misses. I still have to rig the hands that is why they look a bit weird and static. I also have to check with cactus dan about the damping in the legs.