For all that stuff that needs a decent place.

Work in progress

Worked out the previous sketch


The same girl without a name yet… It will come since she seems to stick on me. I reworked the shoes a bit. They came out much better. Another challenge for me was actually to be able to reproduce a character in another pose (sorry about the tiny naughty bit, she just came out this way). I am thinking about recreating her in 3d as well. The drawing really helps in my design think process. I’ve been neglecting that for way to long as I said before.

This time I wanted to try how the coloring would work out in Autodesk Sketchbook. (Trust me I am no fan of autodesk, they focus way too much on profit in stead of the end-user.) I still made the previous sketch in Sketchable however, it seems to be more responsive somehow.

But comparing it to Sketchable I must admit the amount of control over selection and layer transparency was a real treat. Still have to learn a lot of the options but it seems very promising.

I think I have to come to the conclusion that for the rough phase Sketchable is very nice, but for cleaning and working towards a final image I prefer Sketchbook.

Better coloring


I decided to do another coloring version. Still practice but in my opinion a lot better the the previous one.

The outlines and coloring

I did the outlines in Sketchbook, because of the stroke stabilizer. It is really hard not to jitter on a glass surface. I am not completely happy but this is a matter of practice. I went back to Sketchable to do the coloring. I must remind myself to separate the highlights, fill and shadows but I forgot it in this case. So it is what it is now. It is good to get the feel and overall I am satisfied how this came out. On to the next. 🙂coloredoutlines

Cleaned up the “analog” sketch.


With Sketchable I cleaned up the original sketch and worked out some details. Moving on to the next stage.

Finally I am drawing again.

3d applications can really lead you of the path sometimes. It has been seriously too long since I created some handdrawn work. It is nice too find out I can still draw. I need to practice way more but it is a start. This one is made using sketchable on the surface pro. I also tried sketchbook from autodesk and both have their advantages so I think I am gonna use both. 

This is just fineliner and marker on real paper. Still needs “real life” practice but it sparked some old skills in me again. I hope you like those two. Expect way more to come.


Progress. Top of the dome done and the cones on the sides as well as the sides of the ship.



For a personal project I need a model of the Duomo in Firenze. I could not find a proper one online so I was figuring out a way to recreate it myself. I remembered that as a child I had a paper model kit. It proves to be a very nice starting point.