Worked out the previous sketch


The same girl without a name yet… It will come since she seems to stick on me. I reworked the shoes a bit. They came out much better. Another challenge for me was actually to be able to reproduce a character in another pose (sorry about the tiny naughty bit, she just came out this way). I am thinking about recreating her in 3d as well. The drawing really helps in my design think process. I’ve been neglecting that for way to long as I said before.

This time I wanted to try how the coloring would work out in Autodesk Sketchbook. (Trust me I am no fan of autodesk, they focus way too much on profit in stead of the end-user.) I still made the previous sketch in Sketchable however, it seems to be more responsive somehow.

But comparing it to Sketchable I must admit the amount of control over selection and layer transparency was a real treat. Still have to learn a lot of the options but it seems very promising.

I think I have to come to the conclusion that for the rough phase Sketchable is very nice, but for cleaning and working towards a final image I prefer Sketchbook.

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