T-pose 360

I’ve created a turntable test of the character to see how the shading reacts. The hair is still a bit to shiny but that is not a real issue. Overall it is working pretty well to be honest. I must admit that I am getting tired of the dead T-Pose but I have to have everything in order before I start rigging because after the skinning there is little room for drastic changes. Still some texture work ahead because she looks too “secretary” and decent, but I have a plan. I will post some more background info soon about what is coming or maybe just the whole thing I am planning to make without any words but in moving images.

Another technical thing I run into is that the normal maps I use on for the clothing for instance have a seam on the UV border of the model. I create them using ZBrush so any tips are welcome. In the meantime I will search the web.

One thing I can say is that it will involve; violence, crime, explosions, cars, women and everything B style but very stylish and enjoyable. I refuse to grow up and it’s too much fun.

It feels pretty nice to develop a style like this because the whole g.i. and realism chase in 3d is not working for me anymore, I’ve seen too much and it all runs towards a sort of anonymous overkill in which it’s hard to define creativity and a hand of an individual instead of a piece of software. I know it sounds a bit black and white but a lot of stuff tends to lean on the tech in stead of the things that are at your disposal instead of copying the world one on one.

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