Toon shading work-flow

Like I promised some results of the toon work-flow I am experimenting with. The looks are achieved with only standard cinema4d setup and some post. There is no sketch and toon used. It works pretty cool on organic models but with straight edges you sometimes lose a line. The way it works is this you render a double sized seperate pass of the model with a basic fesnel shader in the luminance channel.

Then you use a high pass filter on this image. After effects doesn’t have one standard but it can be recreated.

On this high pass layer you apply a level correction to get black and white again.

And finally you composite this layer over the color layer you have created to get this result.

I am very happy with this technique because it is almost impossible to achieve this with sketch and toon for instance. It even takes bump maps into account which won’t work with sketch and toon as well. I still need to refine the clothing but this technique is going to work very nice on creases.

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