Projection Mapping

I’ve been playing around with a technique called projection mapping. What you do is basically project an image on 3d geometry so you can move around with a camera or incorporate 3d in the scene. It’s used a lot in combination with matte paintings used for visual effects in motion pictures.


I picked above picture from the internet and made this movie.

I had to split the picture up in three sections; the front the middle and the back. I reconstructed the parts behind the first pillar so there was picture information in the back, like the floor and the rest of the pillar behind the front one. Time to dust off the photshop skills… I made the information in the back totally black because there was not any information there to build in to the scene. I composited the vent in to have a nice starting point for the camera movement. It is amazing what you can do with this technique. If you go prepared you can actually reconstruct an entire place and have the total freedom to do what you want.

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