Realistic female model

To be honest I don’t like realistic humans in CG that much. They can be convincing in stills but in animation it always feels wrong. We as human beings are so used to looking at our fellow earth inhabitants that we see every tiny bit of motion in our subconsciousness. Look at films like Final Fantasy and Beowolf, they just feel wrong when you watch them. However, like in paintings people always wanted to play god and be able to picture things like it was real. What I do like in CG is stylized models like the Incredibles. But in order to stylize characters to a more cartoon feel you have to know about the real thing. You have to look at muscles and deformation they cause and get all the parameters in your mesh and the points at the right position to let it bend right. This is why I am working on a realistic female model to study the mesh and muscle flows of a human body. I know it has all been done before but for me it is the building process that counts.


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